LSR Patreon 25 November 2018

My name is Trey. I started Lost State Records around December 2013. The first reason I started this label was to help some friends bands, and to help other local bands out in my area. Second reason for starting this label was for me to have a front, or a name other than my own to put music out without begging labels to help me, That was the start of it, but now we here at Lost State Records have been working with all kinds of bands, and different record labels all over the USA and Internationally. Everything we put out on this label we care about, we don't put profit over people or product.

Being the only person who runs this label, I put a-lot of my own money and personal profit to fund bands products being made. It has taken a toll on me over the years and I have racked up thousands of dollars in credit debt putting out albums and merch. When selling products not everything moves immediately and it can be quite frustrating. I figured I would try this patreon thing and see if people would be also interested to pay monthly and get secret behind scenes content with the label. Between learning about music production and how the process works for running a label, I think it could be a fun process for fans to learn about label and our bands we help.

With your money I will be more efficient with marketing for bands and help them to get more attention for label, produce more video content, do fun events in person (Such as showcase concerts and such), Do more podcasts with musicians and people in the music industry, and tons of other things!

When you pay to help us, we look forward to giving you super exclusive content and merch for joining our patreon.

I never thought this thing would make it this far. Thank you to everyone who has supported LSR

Trey Hanawalt - Founder / Web / Advertising / General Info

Grumpster "Cutting Ties" EP Release!! 25 June 2018

We are stoked to announce we are helping Grumpster put out their new EP "Cutting Ties" on july 1st on cassette! Pre order up now!

Grumpster is a rambunctious ball of energy and never ceases to let you down. This jam packed EP will have you dancing and wanting to chug a 40 ounce with your friends and forget how shitty the world is.

Curse League "Laying by the Fire in Good Company" Release announcement 16 March 2018

We are beyond stoked to announce the release of "Laying by the Fire in Good Company" by Curse League!! This band is awesome and has a lot of heart album will be released on April 30th

Check out 2nd single being streamed by Northwest Music Scene.…/

Cassette Pre-order…

-Vinyl Due late summer

LOST BOYS 12" Vinyl Release + Digital 26 February 2018

Stoked to announce that we will be helping put out the debut LP by Lost_Boys. "Fun" with some awesome European labels! Vinyl will be out in April. For now, go download album!


Lost Boys is a screamo/hardcore three-piece from Germany, which started playing shows in May 2016. After achieving lots of positive feedback for their self-titled debut EP, the band has finally finished their first album. "Fun" consists of ten furious, short and rough songs, which might be a pleasure to listen to if you dig bands like Majority Rule, Pg.99, Orchid or Louise Cyphre.

Lost Boys Facebook

Co-Release with
La Soja
Désordre Ordonné
Dingleberry records and distribution
Dont Care Records
À Fond d'Cale Prod

Slumped & Grumpster Split album 13 December 2017

We are stoked to announce the release of the new Slumped and Grumpster split! album drops January 1st! Cassettes will be available after the 1st, and they will also be available at the bands split release show December 29th, at 924 Gilman. This album rips, don't miss this bay area combo!

Preorder here…/607155-slumped-gru…

Check out the singles from the album!

Champagne Colored Cars EP Release 24 November 2017

We are excited to announce the release of the new EP from Champagne Colored Cars on cassette and eventually vinyl! get pumped!!!! album is out today!! Go download it!

"Formed by Atlanta emo vets Tyler Perkins (Bear Girl, Extrovert), Tyler Hendley (Iselia), and Noah Linn (Dog Years, Novelty Foxtrot, Pity Clap), Champagne Colored Cars" - Immersive Atlanta

Write up in Immersive Atlanta…/

Listen for free on Spotify, Bandcamp, and all the other streamers

Excerpt from Immersive Atlanta

"Formed by Atlanta emo vets Tyler Perkins (Bear Girl, Extrovert), Tyler Hendley (Iselia), and Noah Linn (Dog Years, Novelty Foxtrot, Pity Clap), Champagne Colored Carsisn’t just a fresh new start a few guys who have been around the scene for a minute, it’s an electric new take on a rejuvenated genre. The trio’s self-titled debut clocks in at a powerful and exciting 13 minutes, stretching twinkling guitar riffs over fast punk beats and mathy rhythms."

New Bearcats LP Cassette available now 21 November 2017

Go download and buy the new full length cassette from the wonderful bearcats!

Buy Here


New Release by Collective Past 24 June 2017

Go download and listen to the new self titled album by Collective Past. Ranging from indie electronic music, to banging house beats, Collective past has a unique sound that we feel hasn't been around too much.

Slumped EP Release 8 April 2017

We are stoked to announce that we will be helping release the debut EP for Slumped from Oakland, CA

Band is Made up of members from Stoop kids, Forget it, and Cold Curse.

Cassettes available for pre order on our store

Coma Regalia "There's Still Time" 12" Vinyl 7 April 2017

We are excited to announce we will be helping release coma regalia album "There's Still Time" on 12' Black vinyl

The third full length album by Coma Regalia. is availabe for pre order

First 10 Preorders get a free cassette from our Label.…/590535-coma-regali…

Co release with some great labels <3
Middle-Man Records
Adorno Records
Bad Break Records
Boslevan Records
Dingleberry records and distribution
The Land In Between DIY