LSR Patreon 25 November 2018

My name is Trey. I started Lost State Records around December 2013. The first reason I started this label was to help some friends bands, and to help other local bands out in my area. Second reason for starting this label was for me to have a front, or a name other than my own to put music out without begging labels to help me, That was the start of it, but now we here at Lost State Records have been working with all kinds of bands, and different record labels all over the USA and Internationally. Everything we put out on this label we care about, we don't put profit over people or product.

Being the only person who runs this label, I put a-lot of my own money and personal profit to fund bands products being made. It has taken a toll on me over the years and I have racked up thousands of dollars in credit debt putting out albums and merch. When selling products not everything moves immediately and it can be quite frustrating. I figured I would try this patreon thing and see if people would be also interested to pay monthly and get secret behind scenes content with the label. Between learning about music production and how the process works for running a label, I think it could be a fun process for fans to learn about label and our bands we help.

With your money I will be more efficient with marketing for bands and help them to get more attention for label, produce more video content, do fun events in person (Such as showcase concerts and such), Do more podcasts with musicians and people in the music industry, and tons of other things!

When you pay to help us, we look forward to giving you super exclusive content and merch for joining our patreon.

I never thought this thing would make it this far. Thank you to everyone who has supported LSR

Trey Hanawalt - Founder / Web / Advertising / General Info