"Osoluna S/​T" by Osoluna

2/28/2015 · Lost State Records · 24

OsoLuna is from Torrelavega, Spain

Elsa - bass and vocals
Emilio - guitar and vocals
Borja - guitar
Eloy - drums

Cassette tapes are available in our store

US collaboration with Girls Cartel Records

Album is also available on vinyl in Europe, please see the OsoLuna Bandcamp for details.

LSR - 24
GCR - 007

Passing of Time by American Memories

12/13/2014 · Lost State Records · 23

Recording/ Mastering by Trey Hanawalt, at Lost State Records Headquarters

Guest Vox by Daniel Keith from band Portraits on track “Party On Wayne!”

Daycare "Kate​​+​​Eight (Lonley Lolita)"

12/4/2014 · Lost State Records · 21

"Flores, Carne" by Viva Belgrado

11/24/2014 · Lost State Records · 20

Co-Released with

Walking is still honest Records (ESP)
Koepfen Records (DEU)
Upwind Productions (ITA)
Sad Panda Records (GBR)
Book House (NH)
Dingleberry (DEU)
Samegrey Records (ARE)
Unlock Yourself (RUS)
Ancient Injury Records (MA)

released November 24, 2014

Recorded & mixed in October 2014 by Santi García at Ultramarinos Costa Brava
Mastered by Victor Garcia at Ultramarinos Mastering

"Electric Shock Treatment" by Helltown

8/19/2014 · Lost State Records · 17

"Cute Fills -Summer Tour 2014 Tape" by Cute Fills

7/14/2014 · lost State Records · 16

"We Are The Quarry " by Cutters

6/13/2014 · Lost State Records · 15

Produced by CUTTERS & Ian Karavas
Mixed by Ian Karavas
Engineered by Ian Karavas
Mastered by Jordan Bagnall

All songs written and performed by CUTTERS.

CUTTERS is Brian Deodat, Pierce Lightning, John Luther & Michael Strianese.

Artwork by Brian Deodat
Gang vocals by The Last Gang in Town.

"Dreadful Night" by American Memories

6/6/2014 · Lost State Records · 14

Songs written by American Memories

Rich Gilliam | Guitar/Vocals
Trey Hanawalt | Drums/Vocals

Recorded and mastered by Stephen Hines at "The Wormhole"

Photography by Ben Zucker

"Growing Pains EP" by Stoop Kids

5/20/2014 · Lost State Records · 13

Cassettes available

"Two Wheels Spinning' by Sleep Weather

3/27/2014 · Lost State Records · 12

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Lee Jennings @ Ghost Kids Studios in Kennesaw, Georgia

Artwork by Gregg McCurry @ Holy Hell Records

"Tree" by Medicine Bow

3/25/2014 · Lost State Records · 11

Emo/punk/twinkly/whatever releases you'll hear all year, a truly incredible effort FFO-Joie De Vivre, Prawn.

7" vinyl available in-store

"Overcast E​.​P" by Overcast

3/24/2014 · Lost State Records · 10

Punk Rock from Lompoc, CA

Insomnious EP by The Raspberry Heaven

3/1/2014 · Lost State Records · 08

Michael Charles Hansford
Darcy Robichaud

Recorded at one of my many homes in London, Ontario and at OIART

"The Day Before She Died" by Human Kitten

2/14/2014 · Lost State Records · 06

written and recorded by elijah llinas
additional vocals by karli halberg
spoken word on "feeling things" by laurence ellis
album art by zack holloway

Mewlips "Moon When The Pony Shed"

2/8/2014 · Lost State Records · 05

all songs written/recorded by philly danko all songs mastered by loom fittuce A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL THE LEMON ASS BUSTAZ 4 MOTIVATING MY HUSTLE soundcloud.com/mewlips

"It Gets Worse" by Betterment

1/23/2014 · Lost State Records · 04

Cameron plays guitar and sings, Kyle plays bass and sings, and Michael plays drums.

Helltown | John Ukeats Split

1/16/2014 · Lost State Records · 03

For Free download go to



"Home" by American Memories

1/11/2014 · Lost State Records · 02

Rich Gilliam-Guitar/Vocals, Trey Hanawalt- Drums/bass guitar/Vocals

Guest appearance from our friend Benjamin Zucker. Spoken word part on "Lung Capacity", also Guest drums and vocals on track "Life goes on

Recorded in American Memories band room

Recorded and Mastered by: Trey Hanawalt

Short Hair​/​Weak Bones - by Helltown

12/9/2013 · Lost State Records · 01

cover photo by Ben Zucker benzucker.tumblr.com

written and recorded by Helltown