Curse League "Laying by the Fire in Good Company"

4/30/2018 · Lost State Records · 52

Kai Brunson - Guitar
Chester Cun - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Jake Campbell - Drums, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Alexandria Hickel - Bass

Blake Kimmel - Banjo on "The Badlands"
Kara Aber Chambers - Vocals on "The Badlands", "Tijuana", "Dunes of Yuma", and "La Siembra"
Cameron Simons - Drums/Percussion on "Narcocorrido Nuevo"

Drums tracked at Heck Family Manor (Mukilteo)
Guitar, Bass, Vocals tracked at Crying Man Studios (West Seattle)
Mixed/Tracked/Produced by Cameron Heck
Mastered to tape by Nicholas Wilbur at The Unknown (Anacortes)

Album Artwork/Insert by Mollie Thompson w/ help from Yufi64, Itemfinder, Difficult Children, Maki, James, Caitlin, Janet, and Scott