Lost State Records

My name is Trey. I started Lost State Records around December 2013. The first reason I started this label was to help some of my friends bands and to help other local bands out in my area. The second reason for starting this label was for me to have a front or a name other than my own to put music out without begging labels to help me. Nowadays here at Lost State Records we have been working with all kinds of bands and record labels all over the USA and Internationally. Everything we put out on this label we care about, we don't put profit over people. Capitalism breeds horrible buisness models for some companies, but people come first here. If you ever have any problems with an order, a record is broken, or wanna ask a question about anything? Let us know. DIY OR DIE

Trey Hanawalt - Founder / Web Design / A & R

Ashlee Koehrsen - Social Media / Advertisment Manager

Rich Gilliam - Video / Graphic Design

Drew Clegg - Operations / Art Design