"Curse League "Laying by the Fire in Good Company" LSR 52


Professionally dubbed Cassette and CD copy of "Laying by the Fire in Good Company" by Curse League

Co-release with
琪琪音像|Qiii Snacks Records
Pacific Nature Records

Cassettes available April 30th

Vinyl available in near future.

Curse League started in late 2015 when Kai Brunson recruited Chester Cun and Jake Campbell to play in a musical project in which shreddy guitars and technical drumming would underpin all the songs. Although initially a side project, by spring of 2016 the band recognized the potential of their sound and released their first EP Bodega Disco. They toured up and down the west coast before recruiting Alexandria Hickel on bass guitar. With Alex on board, the band continued to play local shows, tour, and write new music. In 2017 the four piece continued to play out, taking short breaks to write and record their sophomore release Laying By The Fire In Good Company.


  1. The Badlands
  2. Tijuana
  3. Detenido
  4. Landlords, Druglords
  5. Leaving El Norte
  6. Burrero
  7. Finding Coyotes
  8. Dunes of Yuma
  9. Narcocorrido Nuevo
  10. The Fox Den
  11. La Siembra
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